Friday, December 11, 2020

Snapshot of 10m contest on CW

Three hours after my sunset and the band is hopping with activity. I was hoping for good conditions and a correspondingly good level of activity - my expectations have been exceeded:


and exactly 24 hours later (both stations are local to me):





  1. It was fairly good last night. But today is is Dry Gulch. VEry dissapointing after seeing the SFI jump to 116 a couple weeks go. the SFI is back to 83 today.

  2. Wow, I wish we had some of that propagation here. I listened most time noise today on 10m! 73, Bas

  3. Tony & Bas - yep, a big difference between yesterday and today. I was able to work VK, ZL and FK last night...that gave me hope of possibly working into EU this morning but nope. Lots of SA stations on now (2200Z) but nowhere near the density of yesterday; plenty of blue on the pan display. Still fun though and nice to see some level of activity on 10 meters.

    Good luck & 73,
    John AE5X

  4. Same remark as Bas: the band was a stinker here so I didn't put in much time. A dozen stations in a 1500km range with weak signals and often rapid and deep QSB. With a 5el yagi at 21m AGL.

    I guess the crazy things on 28MHz aren't for the very near future YET. I'll try again on Sunday.

    1. Hi Franki,

      I'll post a screenshot in a few hours to show what a difference a day makes. It's like someone flipped a switch and turned the ionosphere off. Maybe tomorrow...

      73 - John