Thursday, October 1, 2020

English & German translations of Danish article on tinySA

If you own , or are considering buying, a tinySA (Spectrum Analyzer) you may be interested in Kurt Poulsen's article that was published last month in the Danish ham radio magazine, OZ.

The article also serves as an excellent description of spectrum analyzers in general for those who've never used one and wonder what capabilities they might offer around the hamshack.

Since writing the article, numerous updates have been made to the firmware that runs the tinySA, adding increased functionality to the inexpensive device. Those details can be found here.

All of the following files are 5.3MB pdf's:

Description of TinySA a real Spectrum Analyzer for little money

Beskrivelse af TinySA en ægte Spektrum Analyzer for små penge (Danish)

Beschreibung von TinySA ein echter Spectrum Analyzer für wenig Geld (German)



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