Monday, September 14, 2020

Weekly slow-speed CW sprint

Members of K1USN' club station and CWOps have formed a new 1-hour sprint designed for those seeking to increase their CW abilities.

The SST, or Slow Speed (con)Test's inaugural sprint was last night and, judging by the spots on the DX Cluster, it was well-attended.

I was unable to participate myself due to not having an antenna for frequencies below 14 MHz at the moment, but a listen on 40m also showed plenty of activity.

All the ops I heard were doing well in keeping the speed to less than 20wpm and it was good to hear owners of new-ish callsigns participating in a CW event.

The SST's will take place each Sunday evening (US) from 8-9pm EDT (UTC Mondays, 0000-0100Z).

Exchange is simple - name and SPC.

Besides their stated purpose, sprints like this are a perfect excuse to use an older kit or seldom-used rig.

I think I'll hang my PAR end-fed up next Sunday, just to be able to participate in some way until my dipole goes back up in late October.



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