Monday, September 28, 2020

Slow Speed (con)Test with mcHF and an accidental discovery with HR-50 amp

mcHF display showing activity level

I stayed on 40m for the entire duration of the SST and the band was very active and chock full of contesters for the entire hour. Rig was the mcHF, Hardrock-50 and vertical PAR end-fed dipole.

The PAR antenna is spec'ed for a max power of 25 watts. I set the mcHF for 1 watt out, causing the HR-50 to produce 40 watts. I watched the SWR closely and saw no evidence of an overheated or saturated toroid (in the antenna's matching network) so it appears that S&P CW operation at that power level is fine.

Once the contest was over, I put the Ultimate 3S back online to operate 40m WSPR and initially forgot to turn off the Hardrock-50. It was set to operate with COR enabled - T/R keying based on an input RF signal. I never would have thought the 200 mW from the U3S would key it, but it did - generating 5 watts out from the amp for a gain of 14dB.



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