Thursday, September 17, 2020

Paranoia will destroy ya

The following video was posted by Ron PA2RF and I thought it worthy of a re-post here as well. It won't appeal to those on the left side of the political spectrum because it makes use of data, statistics and trend analysis rather than hysteria and mindless Orwellian groupthink.

A little backstory:

A few weeks ago, I made a photography-related posting. Around that time, I was offering for sale some lenses that I no longer need due to moving to a different type of camera. One of the buyers (via Craigslist) notified me of his interest in a lens I was offering.

Prior to his arrival for the purchase, I Googled his name. He had an unusual surname and I wondered its origin. Turns out - and he confirmed during our extended conversation - that he is a pulmonologist at a hospital in Houston.

He arrived wearing a mask. I, as always, was not (and will not).

We conducted our business and as he started to leave, he said "You know, you should be wearing a mask." He had on the baby blue paper-ish mask that most people wear.

I asked him, "When you exhale, where does your breath go? Is it filtered by the mask?"

He confirmed what I already knew, but it was great to get this verification, in person, from an MD who specializes in lungs and their associated diseases.

He said, "No, it exits from the perimeter of the mask. But for appearances, we should all be wearing masks." He was dead serious and failed to see both the hypocrisy of his statement and the superficiality of character represented by it.

In retrospect, I should have taken then lens back from him, refunded his money and told him that I don't do business with propagandists who further the disinformation about this plandemic.

Instead, I asked him about Sweden, who's had no shut-down and no order to wear a mask.

He then took a different stance and told me about the type of patients he's been seeing, their ages, co-morbidities and recovery rates. In other words, he dropped the party line and started speaking truthfully - you know, saying things that would hurt his career if he said them publicly.

The Left likes to say that they are the "party of science". I'm increasingly seeing them as the "party of effeminate, panicky behavior and easy manipulation by psuedo-science". Leftism is their religion and they have complete (blind) faith in what their TV tells them and - here comes the funny part: they assume an air of superiority for having done so.

As always, the best comedy comes from those who don't see how comical they are.

Evidence, statistical data and trend analysis are unwelcome intrusions upon their worldview. Other countries have similar infestations of this idiocy.

Here's the video:





  1. Hi John, saw you picked up the interesting analysis of Ivor Cummins. Data against hysteria. Spread the news. 73 Ron PA2RF

    1. Nice to know others are beginning to see the light. Data trumps (oops!) all else - unless you're "woke".
      73 - John

  2. You should wear a mask when you're near other people. Epidemiology and the effectiveness of masks on communicable respiratory disease is not a partisan or political issue. 900,000 people have died from COVID-19, 100,000 in the US, 2,500 in your own county - practically the same number of people who died in the WTC attack have died from COVID-19 in your COUNTY. And you are in the most affected demographic! Is ignoring reality some sort of coping mechanism for you?

    It's not over yet. Cherry-picked data isn't going to save anyone. Masks will. Paranoia doesn't destroy people. Misinformation does.

    You've had a great blog and YouTube channel on ham radio, and this was all the nails in the coffin. I'm unsubscribed. Stay well, John.

    1. The numbers are manipulated 'Kawfey' - I take the word of a pulmonologist over that of a journalist - sorry about that - am I misguided in doing so? Unsubscribed? - never knew you were there...

  3. The Left likes to say that they are the "party of POLITICAL science" There, fixed it for ya.

    1. As Reagan said, "The left believes so many things that aren't."

  4. So, you believe in the effectiveness of masks:

    Then do you sterilize your mask hourly or daily? How often do you replace your mask - after all, it's possibly contaminated, according to "science". How do you sterilize it? Do you wear gloves while doing so? If not, why not - it's biologically contaminated and therefore places you at extreme risk!!!!! (Exclamation points added for effect - I would "BOLD" the word 'risk' if I were capable of leftist drama-queenery). How do you dispose of old masks - if what you believe is true, they are biologically contaminated or need to be regarded as such - what is the disposal procedure and (here's the important part) - are others of your mindset following it? What are the guidelines for their disposal - and where are they? Surely something of this import deserves attention, not in some obscure corner of the internet in fine print, but widely widely as the C-19 virus itself.

    We've heard nothing on this topic. Question why. Cherry picking data doesn't save lives - it *needlessly* destroys them - and the economy.

    I'm unsubscribing from myself - this comment was the final nail in the coughin'.