Wednesday, August 5, 2020

TinySA arrives; opening, proof of functionality

Twelve days after placing the order, DHL delivered the TinySA at my doorstep.

Yes, even a guitar pick was did they know?!

Before its arrival I'd already planned to use my Ultimate 3S to test the SA's ability to measure its harmonic content. The U3S is ideal for this since it allows (with the relevant option installed) the ability to select an installed LP filter to operate on any frequency.

In the two photos below, I set the rig up to transmit on 80 meters with a 5mW output. One photo shows the spectral output with the 80m filter selected; the other with the 10m filter selected.

As can be seen, the output with the 10m filter shows high harmonic content since the attenuation doesn't begin until around 30 MHz - exactly what would be expected. The output with the 80m filter selected shows that the filter is doings its job in attenuating the harmonics of the 3.5 MHz signal.

And it also shows that the TinySA is doing its job as well.

In the next few weeks, I'll compare the TinySA to our Keysight spectrum analyzer at work.

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