Thursday, July 23, 2020

"TinySA" joins nanoVNA product family

Under development since February, the TinySA (Spectrum Analyzer) is now available for purchase. This $49 piece of test equipment was developed by Erik Kaashoek PD0EK and "hugen" and is a follow-on project after having released 4 versions of the highly popular nanoVNA.

Sales of the TinySA are currently only available via Alibaba here. And an for the device is here.

Links to full specs and a 7-minute video can be found here. At 5:30 into the video, note that the TinySA can also function as a signal generator with several configurable parameters.

I've been greatly impressed with the accuracy and versatility of the nanoVNA - those tests are documented in other parts of this blog. If the TinySA is as competent, it will be a winner and a very useful item for homebrewers, especially QRPers.

If you already own a receiver from SDRplay, you're probably aware of the spectrum analyzer app that will allow their receivers to act as spectrum analyzers. Of course that requires the use of a PC or laptop - the TinySA is, as its name implies, a very small (2.8" screen) stand-alone SA.

I am curious to know how the TinySA's accuracy compares to thast of the SDRplay versions and with our more expensive Agilent gear at my work QTH. As soon as my TinySA arrives, I'll begin making comparative tests of all three.


  1. Another cool gadget from China. I only had to wait three months for the nanoVNA-F to arrive. Hard pass ....

  2. I ordered mine 4 days ago and it shipped today. Other Alibaba users are reporting 2 week shipping times.