Saturday, May 16, 2020

Lab 599's TX-500 transitioning from Vaporware to Reality?

Lab 599's TX-500 SDR transceiver may be about to become a reality. Like other radios some of us eagerly anticipate - Elecraft's K4, Icom's IC-705 and QRP Labs' QSX - the TX-500 was announced so long ago that many may have forgotten about it.

A few days ago the operator's manual was posted online and is available in both English and Spanish. Operating firmware was also made available.

Other than that, updates regarding the rig's status have been few and far between, even on their once-active Instagram page.

The TX-500 is a unique-looking radio with milled aluminum construction of the chassis and weather resistant connections. I hope to be operating one soon myself.

UPDATE: Posted to YouTube on 2 June 2020:



  1. Very interesting. I've been wanting something better and more rugged than my Kx2. And this has 160 and 6m. A kx2 weighs 13 ounces, this weighs 19 ounces. That's a fair increase in weight for an increase in ruggedness. And the battery drain during receive is low. It looks expensive....

    Dave kx3dx

  2. Hello Dave - I've seen mention of $699 for the rig.
    73 - John

  3. If it's $699, available from a US source with US support, and works as advertised, it will be a winner. I've been cleaning up my shack by selling off unused equipment, while salivating over a TS-890, but I can take a short detour for one of these. I have a love/hate relationship with my KX2 and Elecraft.

    73 Dave kx3dx