Saturday, May 2, 2020

200 mW on 60 meters

Recent comparative tests by Bas PE4BAS on his two antennas for 60 meters had me wondering how my dipole might perform as a transmitting antenna on that band.

As a 60m WSPR receive station, I was able to copy PE4BAS four times during an overnight listening session. What surprised me was not that I was able to copy him, but that this was the only station I received out of several dozen other EU stations that were on the air that evening.

I plan to set up to receive 60m WSPR overnight for the rest of the week and see what EU stations I'm able to copy...

...but last night I wanted to test the antenna for transmitting on that band and I woke up this morning quite happy that it is operating as efficiently as it does on 40 and 80 meters.

The antenna is an 80m dipole (fed with ladder line for all-band capability) between two trees. The trees are only 90' (27m) apart, therefore each end of the dipole bends downward for about 22' (6m). The horizontal part of the dipole is 110' (32m) high and is broadside to EU and ZL.

I'll have to look at an EZNEC model of the antenna to see where the lobes are when operated on 60m.

The transmitter was my Ultimate 3S with an output of 200mW.



  1. Well done John, your dipole is working fine. It is nice to have so mny trees around the house to hang your antenna. I have several tall trees nearby but they our not on my property. I already use one of the trees to fasten one end of my inverted-V. So far no troubles. Wish I could have a dipole up higher as you do. 73, Bas

    1. GM Bas,

      Unfortunately, the dipole will be coming down after CQ-WPX in a few weeks as we go into storm season. It is a magnet for lightning and won't go back up until October. The Yagi will stay, so I'll have 10-20 meters available over the summer but no low bands.

      73 - John

  2. So, how did you arrange the power for your U3S and clock? I've wanted to distribute shack 12VDC to them and put internal 12-5V supplies inside the cases, but worried some about temp issues causing the U3S to drift too much. I'd also like to have a small Lipo battery backup using a 3.7-5V switcher/charger for the clock, so If I want to move it or temporarily power down the station supply, I won't have to wait forever for the GPS to sync back up for the clock.

    1. I have a 12-to-5VDC converter in each of them:

      I haven't noticed any drift with the U3S except on bands above 21 MHz but that was there anyway and is a known issue with these transmitters regardless of how they're powered. The drift is minor though...about 3 or 4 Hz over a two minute WSPR cycle when on 10 meters.