Thursday, April 2, 2020

Upcoming non-QRP portable SDR rig

Here is a radio with some very unique features, especially for its size and price - the Ailunce HS2. Nevermind that it's from China and the first three letters are "Ail"; "to be sick".

Once the radio is offered for sale (presumably in June), the price will be $469.

What makes the radio noteworthy are:

  • Small size
  • 30 watts out
  • I/Q out
  • Built-in sound card
  • Built-in antenna tuner
  • General coverage receive, 300kHz to 500 MHz
  • Transceive on all ham bands between 160m and 440 MHz*
  • Bluetooth control-able via a smartphone app

* 7000-7200 kHz and 3500-3900 kHz on 40/80m, ie not full phone coverage on those bands

I don't see a way to tune the radio other than with the pushbuttons (awkward) - maybe the app simplifies this. If so, this one "feature" neutralizes all the others IMO. Free apps are nothing more than data-mining devices.

Over the years, I've owned several of the drones produced by DJI, a Chinese company. It has only recently come to light, not that the app necessary for flight is used for data mining, but the extent of just what data - and how much of it - is sent back to the Mother Ship. The app, DJI Go, is absolutely necessary to fly these drones as it allows a smartphone to interface with them to present in-flight data and video.

But we know we are not flying the drones privately - Big Brother sees all. George Orwell had a Chinese brother - who knew?

I hope I'm wrong about this radio and that there is a way to operate it independently of a smartphone app. More about the radio can be found here.


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  1. Really like this radio, it is small and 30W is enough for FT8 contacts. Who needs a dail with preset FT8 frequencies? Price is reasonable. Would be a hit if it was 399 USD.

    Unfortunately I think bluetooth is only for a bluetooth mike or bluetooth input device. I would really like a radio which you can control via bluetooth including digimodes audio in/out. But might be a app thing?

    73, Bas