Thursday, April 30, 2020

Kim Yo Jong - future P5YL?

I knew something in the DPRK was amiss when comments on this blog from Kim Jong Un(well) started tapering off recentry. He has been an avid reader of my blog since taking up an interest in ham radio two years ago and it was always interesting to get his take on things.

It now appears that Lil Sis will be taking over duties of suppressing the popuration, murdering dissenters, dictating her will and keeping the wheels of the propaganda machine running.

Her name is Kim Yo Jong and, although she has not yet taken up correspondence with me, I have no doubt that she will soon be wondering what to do with her brother's ham station and will hopefurry seek my advice.

As a DXer, I will, of course, be pushing for a DXpedition from P5 - this will be my underlying motive in any communication with the New Dear Leader(?) regarding the equipment already in place in a secret bunker a few km northwest of Pyongyang.

Stay tuned for further deveropments...


  1. Had fun reading your previous post especially Kim's own comments. Hope he reads this post as well...I think he has a sense of humor ;-). 73, Bas

  2. John, as you know by now, my brother okay. He just skip town for week in countryside to hide from corona vilus. He have many comorbidities - make him fat target. And he supposed to be immortal 'Dear Leader' - if he die, our propaganda take big shot in arm - we got a facade to maintain, John. And John, your friend wrong about brother haveing sense of humor - I'm the funny one in famiry and have joke for you: How does Dutchman know when earthquake is coming? Answer: Van der Waals start shaking.

    I working on my P5 ticket, John - maybe I contact you on 20 meters. You singre or married?

  3. If The Dear Leader wanted to make some small change on the side he could have a P5 station set up and charge $50.00 per paper QSL.