Thursday, March 12, 2020

Hardrock 50 kits now available

An email yesterday from Jim WA2EUJ informed me that after 6 months, Hardrock 50 kits are now available again.

An announcement of their upcoming availability "by December 2019" posted in late October came and went, with no updates after that date. The tech support forum also disappeared.

From Jim:

"We've had some supply issues but they are over now. Hardrock-50's are in stock and shipping. There's a bit of a backlog but we are catching up."

Two days ago the HR-50 page was updated and orders for the kit - and its add-ons (QSK board, ATU) - are now being taken.

I noticed this in early September when I had been considering ordering another kit to have as a spare. Yep, I like it that much and hate the thought of not having it available due to a problem.

It truly is a unique kit in that, unlike similar products, it is compatible with any QRP radio thanks to its carrier-operated realy mode, ie no PTT Out is required from the exciter.

Unfortunately, the support forum is still down, however Jim was quick to answer a question I had via email during the build of my (first) HR-50, and presumably this is the manner they now prefer for handling tech support issues.

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  1. Thanks for connecting its appreciated...stay safe from the virus!! 73 John G4YDM