Friday, January 3, 2020

Phaser 40 now receiving

The 4th Group (of 6) of the assembly procedure of my Phaser 40 has now been completed and the test for that group is to see if FT8 stations can be received. As can be seen, they are.

It took about 2 hours to get to this point; sooner than I would have thought and that is due entirely to the way the parts are labeled and arranged for this kit. I tested each group after completion and there were no issues at all.

I still have the transmitter and T/R switching components to install - that will be on Sunday.

So far, I'm a happy camper.

Although it's a bit too early to mention this yet, I have plans to substitute parts that will allow this kit to operate on 60 meters - but only after successful 40m operation.



  1. This part was an issue for me. Turned out to be a bad NE602. Then, by some crazy happening, the one I replaced it with was also bad. A trip to my collection of unbuilt kits produced a third one that worked fine. I ordered 10 from Kits & Parts to keep in stock. I was wondering if may I cooked them by having them in the path of my Alex Loop at some point when they were in the radios. I noticed that when it's pointed at my Amazon Echo and I transmit, the Echo reboots!

    1. That's very odd RFI but good troubleshooting on your part. Did you have the whole rig completed prior to your talk (and will it be online)? I'm holding off on further construction of mine for now - I've decided to build it for 60m and am awaiting component values.

      73 and thanks for the info, Neil.


  2. I completed the board for the talk, but did not align it yet, so I have not transmitted with it. I still have to get it into the case too.

    The talk went well, but since my wife didn't attend I'm not sure if it got recorded. There was someone who said he was going to, and took my contact info, but I haven't heard from anyone yet.

    The PPTX is posted over at