Thursday, January 16, 2020

K4 order cancelled; new rig on the way

I actually cancelled my K4 order two days ago, before the today's announcement by Elecraft of the updated delivery schedule of the K4.

My main reason was that I couldn't get an answer to a question regarding dual VFO presentation and control via the external monitor. This is important to me as it would effect how I would operate split. Other questions were answered; this one was repeatedly unanswered.

With no manual online - and no expected date for one - I cancelled the order with the idea of saving the $4k until full info on the rig is made available. To my surprise, one of the issues promised in the email sent out by Elecraft addresses the very issue I was asking about.

 A comment emailed to me a few weeks ago noted the fact that pre-buyers of a product are not buyers - they are investers. They, for the time being, are buying only hope. Hope that the product meets their expectations in terms of performance and availability.

I may re-visit the K4 further down the road, after user reports are out, after YouTube videos start to appear and after the kit version is available. And once a final price has been ascertained. In the meantime, a person's Fanboy Status may be discerned from reactions to the delay.

But for now, I need a rig suitable for a different purpose - as an RV travel rig. That radio is currently on its way to me - UPS tracking shows it'll be in my hands tomorrow. I'll offer a 1-word hint as to which radio it is - Bas.


  1. IC-7300 ;-) It will not disappoint you...73, Bas

  2. I also agree it's the Icom 7300 and a very nice radio.

  3. Yep, it is an IC7300. It's hard to find an owner who dislikes the radio. In a weird coincidence, my first QSO after ordering the radio was on 20m CW with KC3MIO who was using an IC7300. We exchanged a few emails after the QSO and he suggested I read the ARRL's review in the Aug 2016 issue of QST. I did and was happy to have chosen it.

    73 - John

  4. After my IC-7000 almost burned up my truck, I swore off buying any more Icom gear. I guess all it takes is one bad experience, to lose a customer. Problem is, I don't care for Yaesu, either, and I don't recall ever owning any Kenwood gear.

    I like the idea of a compact all-mode, all-band (VHF/UHF included) 100W rig. Just don't know what I'd buy if it came to it.

    I currently have a K3s/P3 (no amplifier) and the Elecraft 2m and 70cm transverters, an FT-817 (not ND), the afore-mentioned IC-7000 (I insisted on getting it repaired, so it has a much more recent RF board in it, that I've been assured by the Icom technician that "That won't happen ever again.") which I run mobile, the KX2 that I won at the FDIM banquet that I upgraded to a "shack in a box", and an array of various HTs and mobiles for 6m/2m/220MHz/70cm/1.2GHz, and several QRP kits - 40M QCX, uBitX v3/5, uBitX v6.

    It would be nice to have something like an IC-7300 to dedicate to the new 5th wheel, so I don't have to pack/unpack the K3s station, but there's that promise I made to myself after that thermal event with my IC-7000.

    1. Dave, is that a problem others have also had with the IC-7000? I'd never heard of it but I can certainly understand how it would turn you off to Icom.

      I received my IC7300 today and have been tinkering with it for a couple of hours now. It is bigger & heavier than I thought it would be but much more convenient than the Flex, ie no boot-up time. For RV travel and park activatiions, I might be hesitant to lug an expensive radio back and forth, set it up on picnic tables etc...but, with rebates, this one offers a lot of radio and seems suited for a variety of tasks - home use, portable, FD. And it's a good-looking radio - maybe a "chick magnet"...a summer trip to the beach may be in order ;-)

      I know it's unscientific but I really want to A/B the 7300 with two other rigs here, with each rig set to receive a CW signal to the best of its ability. A busy week ahead though, probably won't get to it before early February.

      73 - John

  5. I don't know of anyone who has an IC-7300 and has been disappointed. I've used one and thought it was a very nice rig. The only thing I've heard about the IC-7300 that could be a negative is they don't do as well as others in a multi-radio environment. I don't think that's an issue if you're not running a contest station out of your house or RV.

  6. Elecraft announced the K3 a year too early. Looks like the same thing happened with the K4.

    73 de K3NG