Friday, January 3, 2020

Assisting the FCC with a QRM complaint

Source of QRM? No - victim!
This Wednesday I'll be working with an FCC field agent in an attempt to locate the source of intermittent QRM to an area radar. The source of the QRM is suspected to be a U-NII device operating on 5-6 GHz, which is within the same range as one of our Doppler weather radars (TDWR).

These are common sources of QRM to weather (and other) C-band radars. Numerous FCC citations are regularly added to their database.

The QRM is usually not something that is obvious in real-time; it's usually noticed during analyses of radar return data which is collected monthly for the purposes of defining ground clutter. But in this case, we do see it as it occurs.

I have no idea as to how we will locate the offending device - my job will be to shut down the radar and then accompany the agent with their direction-finding equipment. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this and hope to describe the process and equipment used in an upcoming post.

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