Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Phaser-40 on order - A digi-mode QRP transceiver kit

With Dave Benson K1SWL being the designer of this new kit, I knew I had to have one. My penchant for Dave's kits go back to the SW+, DSW and PSK-series of the last century and they've all been great performers - not a dud among them.

The new Phaser series of kits are monobanders designed for digital modes: a band-specific FT8 frequency is standard and one other frequency can be programmed in (via Morse entry) by the user for operation with FT4, JS8Call, PSK31, etc.

Kits for 20,30 40 and 80 meters and are $50 plus $10 shipping here in the US. A 40m version will soon be headed my way.

The kits can be ordered from here and an assembly/instruction manual is available for download here.

It looks to be a pretty simple kit to build with plenty of space on the board and only 4 toroids to wind.
Construction is divided in six groups with a test after each group's completion. There are 130 components to be installed.

My plan is to use this transceiver to experiment with various digital modes using a Raspberry Pi.

An enclosure is also available for $25 but I did not order one since I might also like to build a Phaser kit for 20m and then install both of them into a single housing made from a non-working, re-purposed power supply.

I look forward to receiving this kit and will (of course!) write about it here.


  1. I ordered a 30 Meter version. Looks like all versions are available to order. This will make a nice addition to my Digital Modes talk at Ham Radio University in January if I can get it built before then. I'll let you know how it goes.


  2. Looks like YouKits is also jumping on this bandwagon:

    1. Hi Neil,

      I looked at that kit and notice that it's twice the price and no assembly guide is shown. FB on your 30m order - the text describing the kit mentions that they are not yet available for 20 and 30 meters...maybe that's changed?

  3. I see that note now about the 20 and 30, but they were active on the ordering page, and it let me order one. I also see expected ship date is 12/16 for the others. I'm sure someone will contact me when they see the order, and maybe I'll change it.

  4. Posted on 7 Dec:

    Round 1 is now sold out!
    - 100 orders have been received.
    - The first 25 set to ship on Monday Dec 16
    - Others to ship between then and Christmas
    - An online list will (soon) show orders and shipping status.

    Round 2 orders being accepted.
    - Parts acquisition has begun,
    - Shipping should start around mid-January.
    - Updates will be posted when we have lead-times.

  5. I really wanted to want this. Without CAT or USB audio I may as well stick with the BITX40 though.