Wednesday, November 20, 2019


It's nice to see so much CW activity as stations around this blue marble make preparations and test their gear prior to this weekend's CQWW-CW contest.

The low bands have been especially active - more so than even 20 meters, and I'm getting the feeling that most points during CQWW will be made during hours of darkness. That's bad news for me as I am not a night owl.

Propagation is rewarding those on 40 and 80 meters with low QRN levels and strong signals. H40TT was a new band-country for me, number 205 on 80m, courtesy of N7QT at the key.

The biggest effect of all this activity is that FT8 seems increasingly superficial. I found it quite rewarding to work H40TT and others on CW this week; I've never felt the same way about any FT8 contact.

FT8 is junk food; CW is a good square meal.


  1. Good news for me. I have no time for radio contesting at daylight. I'll try to get another dutch record on 160m QRP. Good luck....73, Bas

    1. Good luck to you too, Bas - hope to work you.

  2. Good evening John my new power supply is waiting at the post office for me to pick up tomorrow. i am good to go on 40m but just have to keep the power in around 40 watts. 40m with the Endfed and the antenna close to the house has been doing some odd things around the house. I keep the power down as I don't want "odd" things happening in the neighbors' homes. Looking forward to the contest.