Friday, October 4, 2019

3D printed case for the NanoVNA

Nanovna - not just a city in Russia...

Can you stand just one more posting about the NanoVNA (well, maybe two)?

If you're one of the trillions of people in over 7000 countries who now own one of these gadgets (it's more than a gadget, I promise) then you know that it consists of three layers, open on all sides.

As such, it is significantly more susceptible to dust and other foreign matter - especially if you use it outdoors where your antennas are (hopefully) located - than it would be if completely enclosed.

Enter the NanoVNA case.

The NanoVNA Case is a 3D-printed housing for the device, available on eBay for $13 including shipping in the US.

I received mine today and am mostly happy with the product..

It took about two minutes to install the VNA into the case. This is done by removing both the top and bottom of the VNA (the bezels), then fitting the case over the VNA, putting the bezels back into place and re-inserting the 8 screws that hold all the works together.

The sides are now sealed, except for a 1/16th inch gap at one of the corners (see photo) that no amount of foul language or torque to the screws will correct.

The case also includes a cavity designed into it to accommodate the calibration loads and a 3D-printed stylus. This is handy - unfortunately gravity will open the case if the VNA is turned upside down. I wish there was a more substantial "click" when closing it.

Still, for $13, it offers substantially increased protection of the otherwise naked VNA. A small dab of glue will fix the gap and still allow me to remove the case if I ever need to.


  1. Tricky to insert, when fixed it looks smart.
    It was delivered to my address in the UK in three days.
    73 Les G8AMK

    1. That's fast shipping. Yep, I think it's a decent product given the cost.
      73 - John