Monday, June 24, 2019

Upcoming: "Organic 5Watter QRP Transceiver" kit

Very small circuit board for 5Watter (3.5" square)
UPDATE: See comments section below for relevant links.

As a follow-up to his popular 1Watter kits first offered for sale about 3 years ago Diz is now in the process of developing a monoband 5 watt transceiver kit available in your choice of 20, 30 or 40 meters.

The Organic 5Watter QRP Transceiver kit will cost $49. On the web page for the kit Diz suggests a low-cost frequency counter to aid in the kit's alignment. It's amazing what's available for a tenner.

And people complain that this is an expensive hobby...

I'll be looking forward to one of these kits finding its way to my QTH. The only decision to be made is - which band?

UPDATE - Repost from Chuck Adams K7QO:
Click image for larger version

It is fun to build and even more fun to operate.

Attached is photo of 5W20 for 20m, S/N 001 as Diz has S/N 000.
He used PCB#1 series and I used PCB#2 which is a production
board before a couple of minor cosmetic adjustments.

I built this rig using only a schematic.  Diz sent me two
of the binocular transformers used in the driver and final
PA sections.  I used all the other parts from my own stock,
so the photos will reflect some different parts that you
will see in the kit when it comes out in July.  Watch
the home page of for release details.
Diz will post on the 1W + 5W reflector.

Diz and I exchanged a number of emails and phone calls
to get things worked out for you guys and girls.

I will release a 200 page PDF build guide sometime after Jun 1.
Build and test.  I'm fine tuning the manual in the next
week and will have Diz review it before final release.
I will not be doing videos like I did for the 1W.  Not
worth it for only 100 people seeing them.  I took a
photo of almost every part installed, up close and

The 5W is a 1W on steroids.  The setup you see on
the workbench was the final tuneup before making an
enclosure (also in the manual).  I did the enclosure
Saturday in about an hour at lunch time as 20m was
dead as a door nail at this QTH.  Only a couple of
signals heard.

Took the rig to my local park 1km away at sunset when
the band opened up.  This to test my new GPS gel cell
you see in the photo, 9AHr 12V bought at the local
Gruber plant for $15 and some change.  Ran only
4W as I had added a small heat sink to each PA
transistor and need to run some more tests before
going to a full 5W.  I did not want to start an
exercise and lose power to the antenna.

I worked 52 Qs, 22 states and 6 1E stations.  I am
glad that I installed the optional CW speed pot.
Helped with the wide range of CW speeds.  Good to
see the new operators on the night shift as the
old guys work days and then take a long nap.  :-)

I'll give a more detailed review in July for your
consideration.  I used 3-pin 2.54mm headers for the
PA finals.  Figure they will blow if SWR is high
with the higher power level involved.  I have
several experiments to do in the next few days
on the PA section.  I added a heat sink with
epoxy to each PA transistor after the photo was taken.
The kit will use a nut and bolt system.

I also recommend a digital display and a 10T
pot as the rig tunes a large range on 20m.
I'll show a photo of the enclosure in a day or
two after the paint drys.  Used the bare aluminum
enclosure at the park as I knew what everything
was.  :-)  We have a sail covered table and bench
with water cooler and restrooms about 10 m away.


chuck, k7qo,  22 states to new WAS on 20m
at new new power level for me.  1 country
down for DXCC.


  1. I along with KB5JO both ordered a 30 meter version yesterday. We both live in Texas too. Don't see any discussion on this rig anywhere.
    Lee, w0vt,w5drc

    1. The only discussion of the rig is likely to be here:

      and a good description of the build process is here:

      Mine is a 20m version...I won't be able to start on it for another couple of weeks.

      73 - John AE5X

  2. Take a look at my qrz web page. KH2BR I built this rig. one for 20 meters and one for 40 meters. It works great. I included a nice tft vfo and arduino keyer. I also posted my build on qrz homebrew and kits forum.

    1. I saw that from the link you posted to the QRP forum on eHam - looks great!

  3. This looks like it would be pretty easy to use as a mountain topper. Think it would be hard to build a battery to go with? I already ordered a kit.... guess I'll give it a spin. Any chance you know the DC supply current at 5W out?

    1. I'm embarrassed to say that I have not yet built my kit. An email to Chuck K7QO would get an answer to your question.

      73 - John