Tuesday, May 28, 2019

"To L with it"

A slow day at work today resulted in a discussion of bell curves, normal distributions and, of course, the Galton board. And all those led to binomial equations - the thing your high school algebra teacher explained but could not find a real-world application for it purpose. We found a purpose though, in radar detection probabilities.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

All those things were answered thanks to a YouTube video - but this post ain't about that. It's about the dude that explained it - and another one of his videos that adds humor - useful humor - in a unique way to learn the Morse Code.

If you force persuade a non-Morse fluent person to watch this, I give you the AE5X Guarantee* that there will be at least a few letters they'll never forget.

Check out D!ng 'splaining how to remember the Code.

Skip to the 4m 26s mark for the meat of the video:



Regarding the Galton board I mentioned, here is Señor D!ng explaining the relationship between coefficients of polynomials and normal distribution.

* Not valid outside of my address in southeast Texas.Void where prohibited.

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