Wednesday, May 8, 2019

mcHF in split mode CW works JT1CO; and minutes later - FT8

mcHF in split mode CW just after working JT1CO

I've been enjoying the Dickens out of my mcHF lately. My only regret is in not having bought one long ago. The past two weeks have been spent mostly on FT8 but also a bit on CW where I've slowly become accustomed to the ergonomics of how to perform this or that function.

I knew I would eventually need to operate split and tonight the opportunity finally presented itself in the form of a warbly, over-the-pole signal from JT1CO in Mongolia.

A 'SPLIT' key is front and center on the radio (F3 key) but how do I first get VFO-A to equal VFO-B? As with Elecraft, some of the keys have dual functions via a short press-and-hold. P&Hing the VFO (F4) key did the trick, then I dialed the transmit VFO up 1.1 kHz and called Chak.

Nothing on the first attempt, but the second time around produced the desired result and JT1CO goes into the mcHF log - my rarest entity with this rig so far.

Since receiving the completed mcHF a couple weeks ago I haven't turned on the Big Rig or the Anan-10e even once. I hope to make a video soon showing exactly what it is I like about this rig so much - impossible to do adequately (by me at least) with the written word.

In the meantime, I am amazed that almost everyone I work on CW responds with something like "What's a mcHF?" when I tell them the rig I'm using. I really believe it's the best, least-known rig on the air.

UPDATE: 10 minutes later:

I switched from CW to FT8, still on 20m, still on the mcHF...and there's Chak JT1CO! In the log on two modes within minutes. Did I mention how much I like the mcHF?!


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