Monday, April 8, 2019

mcHF kit received

The postman delivered my M0NKA mcHF kit with aluminum/aluminium case from the UK a few days ago.

I've been back and forth over the years, trying to decide whether or not to buy one of these semi-elusive kits. During that time, they (and the software that runs them) has matured and I finally hit the 'Order' button.

Several mods, official and unofficial, are available. Like the build of the kit itself, they are poorly documented, existing here and there, with very little info as to which mod or build goes with which version of the kit or of a given firmware version.

Rather than sort through all this I've decided to have the kit built by someone more experienced in this particular kit - more about that later.

Also, I'm more interested in the finished product than the build.

One of the things that attracts me to this kit is, like most SDR's, its ability to operate digital modes with no additional connectivity to a PC, ie one cable. And unlike most SDR's, this one can operate other modes (CW and SSB) in stand-alone mode with no PC needed. Panadapter and waterfall are built-in.

The best of both worlds.

I hope to have the kit returned to me in a finished state in 10-14 days.





  1. Hello John, looks like a nice kit. With your building experience I guess it's piece of cake to build it ;-). I didn't know this one could operate digimodes without a PC. That sounds very interesting to me as well. It's ahead of all commercial SDR radios that way. And interesting when for example you are portable and don't have to carry a laptop or tablet with you. Interesting! 73, Bas

    1. Hi Bas, for digital modes it does need a PC - but only one USB cable. No interface, audio In/Out, etc. In standalone without a PC, it only operates CW and phone. The upcoming (?) QSX will do that as well but I got tired of waiting for it, plus the mcHF has a panadapter and waterfall. I hope to have it by 20 April for QRPTTF but I doubt it will arrive by them.

      73 - John AE5X