Thursday, April 11, 2019

FT8 DX Contest 2019

The details of this 24-hour contest are here.

US stations should be running FT8 in 'Contest Mode' with 'ARRL RTTY Roundup' selected in the Settings | Advanced tab of the software's set-up parameters. This will generate a signal report and a sequential serial number required for the contest exchange by DX stations and State by US stations.

Suggested frequencies? Who knows?

It might be helpful to clear (and save elsewhere!) your current log file from WSJT-X so that stations worked before, color coding, etc. are not influenced by stations you may have worked prior to the contest.


  1. Hello John, they forgot to mention alternative frequecies for this contest. Contesting on the regular FT8 frequenties is allowed but not really wise since there will be plenty that don't take part since this contest is new. There will be only limited participation I guess. And chaos when regular frequencies are used. 73, Bas

    1. GM Bas,

      As long as no alternative frequencies are mentioned, the regular FT8 frequencies will be used - a very bad idea sure to anger a lot of people. The FT8 Club was emailed this question two days ago but they have not replied yet.

      73 - John