Saturday, March 16, 2019

DXing with FT8: An operator will be with you shortly

I was a fairly early adopter of FT8 and, like many, embraced it full-on right from the get-go.

Many of its advantages appeal to me:

  • QRP friendly
  • poor propagation friendly
  • ability to listen to music while operating

and there are others.

What I don't like about it - and this is particularly true in the Fox/Hound mode - is the knowledge, that with a rare DX entity, I'm not working DX. I'm waiting in line to be worked by the DX.

Waiting their turn to be selected

Working rare DX on FT8 requires a DXer to substitute skill for patience. You are waiting in line - nothing more.

Some beginning CW DXers may view CW in the same way - that one is simply waiting to be worked and can do nothing to increase his chances of being called next.

This, of course, is patently false as there are a great many things an experienced CW DXer can do to increase (greatly!) his chances of being called quite soon after entering a pile-up.

But on FT8 - take a number and wait your turn. An operator will be with you shortly.

Muzak in the background; or some old Dylan if you prefer - which I do, most of the time:


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