Thursday, March 7, 2019

Across the Pond with 100 mW on the band formerly known as Top

These three stations in EU must have fantastic receive antennas on 160m. I dialed back the power on my Ultimate 3S last night to 100 milliwatts after several Pond crossings with 200 mW on prior evenings.

Here is the result:

100 mW on 160 meters

All reports occurred at, or just after, sunrise of the receiving stations.

Tonight I'll be using 50 mW.
Antenna: 110-ft tall vertical, 135-ft horizontal top loading and a single 85-ft radial, 2 feet above ground.


  1. Outstanding job John. You see that a good receive is everything. Power is not important . . 73, Bas

    1. It is fun to experiment with these power levels - it really shows who has a low-noise receiver site/good antenna and it also points out the time that the opening occurred, more precisely than if power had been higher. I just started transmitting WSPR on 160m for the evening - tonight with only 1 milliwatt...