Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Testing the ether on 20m

I ran the Ultimate 3S for 8 hours today. Twenty meters, 1/5th of a watt, Yagi aimed at Europe.

If the same conditions hold for the next few days, CQWW should be QRP-worthy with a respectable number of entities going into the log.

As I write, the U3S is now configured for 40m WSPR with a half watt out into the dipole. I expect to be mostly on these two bands for the contest since it is these bands covered by the monobanders shown in the banner. If 15 or 80 meters lights up nicely, the KX2 will be put online.



  1. Looks good John, however things could change fast and the weekend propagation can be totally different. I'll participate in the 160m QRP assisted section. 73, Bas

    1. Good luck in the contest, Bas - have fun!
      73 - John