Thursday, November 8, 2018

News from G0UPL: QSX and U3b(alloon) kit status


The kit designed for YOTA 2018 (see above) will soon be available to all QRP Labs customers, past present and future at a truly unbelievable price. This is a high-performance, SDR-based transceiver will initially be available for 40m band (can be built for any single HF band) with a later optional plug-in 10-band filter module to cover all HF. The 10W PA module is a new kit in its own right as described above.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) combined with high performance 24-bit Analogue to Digital Converter and 24-bit Digital to Analogue Converter will deliver top-shelf performance. The powerful 32-bit ARM processor will implement a host of functions many of which are not seen in radios 10 times the price. The QSX has too many planned features to discuss here at this stage, so please see for all features and updates.

We had hoped the new kit would be ready by now but, due to a mixture of health issues, and too many other pressing priorities, it has not been possible to spend as much time on finishing QSX as had been anticipated. Please keep an eye on for updates.


There hasn't been so much QRP Labs High Altitude Ballooning activity lately but the "U3B" project is not abandoned, just pending completion of the higher-priority QSX transceiver kit.

Photo by PA7MDJ



  1. That SDR transceiver looks like a modern version of the K2. 20 years ago it was the K2, now it is kits with SDR. Very interesting!

    1. I haven't been bored with this hobby once in 40 years - there's always something new to tinker with!