Thursday, October 11, 2018

W4XEN's 3D-printed protectors for MTR3 QRP rigs

In both of my hobbies, photography and ham radio, I see more and more grass-roots solutions being used to address issues thanks to the affordability of 3D printing and the creative minds of those using them.

Examples are numerous. In photography, one of those minds has conjured up a complete large format camera, printed one at a time - enter the Cameradactyl.

Closer to the topic of this blog, Caleb W4XEN has come up with a so-simple-it's-genius way of protecting the buttons and switches of an MTR QRP rig while stowed inside a pack with his 3D-printed covers.

They are currently available (in a variety of colors) only for the MTR3 rigs at Caleb's website. No word yet from him if he'll offer similar covers for other small QRP rigs.


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  1. Or you can print your own: