Friday, October 26, 2018

Video: VP6D on 10-160m CW

Thanks to the ops at VP6D and all those who helped make this DXpedition happen. Excellent operators, expert use of antenna construction and knowledge of propagation on their end did all the work as I sat in the comfort of my cozy shack and added Ducie Island to my log on all bands (CW) and on three modes.

The recordings in the video below were made after working them - sometimes many hours later. When I worked them on 160m, their signals were quite stronger than in the video, where they were by then working JA's.

VP6D ops - thanks again.....and where are you going next ;-)



  1. I got lucky and made one of the first 30 QSOs, then picked up a short 10 meter opening on the second day, so within 72 hours I had a clean sweep on 160-10, all three modes. They're about halfway through and they already have 50k QSOs. The pileups are thinning out too so everyone should have a shot. Their signals are always loud and the operators are efficient, keeping DQRM down. Actually, I've heard almost none. I wish all DXpeditions were such a pleasure to work.

    1. You're right - I've heard no DQRM at all and everyone seems to have figured out what split operation means. With 8 days to go and most of the dedicated DXers already worked I hope a lot of beginning DXers get into the log, and I think they will, thanks also to FT8.

      73 - John