Monday, September 17, 2018

Video: Outdoor QRP with the KX2, Mavic Air

Mavic Air, folded and unfolded, compared to KX2

 A few weeks ago I composed a "for sale" blog posting for my KX2. All that was left to do was take the photos and then publish the posting. The small Apache Labs Anan-10e is nothing short of magnificent in bringing together all the modes I care to operate in a simple, clean set-up with a minimum of interconnections.

But, even though small, it's not portable-friendly.

This past Saturday's poorly attended QRP Afield event inspired me to go outdoors and participate in all the offerings the ether presented - they included the NJ QSO Party, a few SOTA ops and the park chasers from the WWFF/KFF program.

In case the bands were in as poor shape as the QRP Afield event itself, I brought along a couple of "consolation prizes" (What's behind Door #3, Johnny?!) in the form of my Nikon and a new drone.

To sum it up, I had a great time and deleted the "for sale" posting for my KX2. In the words of Phoebe, that ditzy blonde from Friends, "I re-love it".

The radio-activity with the KX2 was an amalgam of various contest QSO's, two friendly and lengthy CW chats and DX (two Italian stations). The telescoping whip I used for an antenna made for an easy 5-minute set-up that (with the Wolf River coil) allowed operation on any band 10-40 meters.

The Mavic Air - a KX2-sized complement to an outting such as this. Easy to take along, and even easier to fly, the Mavic Air provides a 20-minute flight time per battery and produces stable 4k video thanks to a 3D gimbal.

Both are keepers.


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