Sunday, August 26, 2018

MiniKits 630m transverter: missing parts received, construction resumes

I received my two missing parts from MiniKits yesterday after a 17 day wait. The kit itself arrived in only 10 days.

Missing were a small capacitor and an equally small inductor. Total cost of the parts from Mouser or DigiKey is about 85 cents. Cost to ship them to me using the least expensive option - $9.60 correction - $8.69 for shipping and tax. So ten for two cheap but essential parts. That's about 10% the total price of the kit and if the fault were mine, I'd eat the cost.

But one of the missing parts was due to a typo on the parts list that scanned and sent to MiniKits - that image is here. And with a bit of reluctance, they agreed to send me the parts with the warning that they would take two weeks to get here. I'll wait. As I waited, Uli DK6DV, who is building the same kit, emailed me to tell me of his missing parts.

With that all behind me, I installed the parts and wound the inductors earlier today. The wire for the bi-and tri-filar transformers arrives already twisted together and cut to length, simplifying that task just a bit.

All that's left is to install the toroids, finish installing the final FET hardware and fire this puppy up. If all goes well with the alignment I'll then drill the case and install the finished transverter into it.

The view for now:



  1. So why not order them from Mouser? Economy shipping: $4...

    1. If I'd had a $4 option, I probably would have. Pic added (above).