Friday, August 24, 2018

Good bye to FT8call

It was a brief affair. A 24 hour fling. Remember those, in our youth - full of hope, promise and initial excitement. But reality sets in eventually along with "meh" and "she ain't all that".

FT8call proved a disappointment for several reasons.

I logged a few slow-motion QSO's - if you can call them that. Due to the slow rate necessitated by the mode, they were much abbreviated and contained no meat. PSK-31-like, they consisted of little more than name and other macro-driven and canned data. Rig hr is, been ham xx yrs, temp hr is xxC, etc. Exciting stuff, and all at the pace of January syrup.

Being able to interrogate other stations was interesting. With a simple command I could ask a European station what other stations he was hearing. His automated transmission back to me was a list of who he was copying. Pretty neat but akin to kerchunking a repeater, if you're into that.

Activity levels are low although an ALLCALL will reveal that many stations are set up and online at any given time. Few, it seems, want to engage in a QSO.

The for the mode is a 1-man show. Members are not allowed to initiate messages or even reply to them. Screw that. The more I learn about the mode and the attitude of the developer, the less appeal it holds.

FT8call: installed on 23 August
FT8call: uninstalled on 24 August

How's that for a macro?


  1. I've another experience John although I respect what you're doing. Jordan is very well accessible through the facebook digital portable QRP group and via the FT8call users group. Why there is something like the IO group is a questionmark for me? However you have to understand Jordan and his wife just had a baby few days ago so he has not much time right now. Besides all of this FT8call is primairy for QRP and P users, logging is not important. Exchanging neccessary info is. The problem is that many want to experiment but don't have anything important to tell because that is how the hamradio community is these days. I still think the concept has potential though FT8 might not be the best choice but right now it is because it's populair. Time will tell how the development will go....73, Bas

  2. Bas, I hope FT8call or something like it becomes popular and useful. It is a promising mode and would be useful even if only used for contest exchanges that are impossible with FT8 or the JT modes. I'll sit on the sidelines and jump back in if such a mode becomes mainstream - no interest in this point at being a beta tester or "popularizer".

    73 - John