Tuesday, May 22, 2018

KI7UBD/mm on 30m WSPR

I received my RSPduo yesterday and wasted no time downloading the appropriate software and taking a stroll around the RF spectrum, from VLF to the GHz region.

Much-needed rain arrived, with a few gigawatt's worth of lightning, so I disconnected the antenna and used the time to configure FLDIGI and WSJT-X.

After the light show, I parked the receiver on 30m WSPR overnight and was happy at the global reception reports obtained while I slept.

Of particular interest to me was the reception of KI7UBD/mm. Dan KI7UBD is currently in transit from New Zealand to his home in Washington in a 35-foot sailboat named My Dream.

Dan departed ZL-land with a modified Ultimate 3S from G0UPL. Mods and installation were
performed by Bob ZL1RS who you may remember has having launched the Ocean Floater, a PVC "buoy", last year.

Dan's U3S has an output of 2 watts and is transmitting an extended mode of WSPR that includes all six grid square digits for more precise reporting.

More info on Dan's yacht and the U3S mods can be found here. Is there any place a U3S can't go?

Reports received with RSPduo. Note the grid square changes over time.

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