Friday, January 26, 2018

A salute to Radio Caroline

A cool little radio I learned about from the YouTube channel of a drone flyer I follow. I like the craftsmanship:

The background story:

Read more details here.


  1. I am dating myself, but I fondly remember listening to Radio Caroline while I was in Germany for many years. "Pirate" radio stations were the thing in those days and it was so much fun to try and hear as many as possible. Radio Caroline was very special and I had many great hours of listening. Rich K3OE

    1. I remember reading about various offshore pirate stations in the ham mags back in the late 70's. Not articles, but letters to the editor. I was new to the hobby then and what I knew about radio could fit on the tip of a pin but it was entertaining to read of how they skirted the law, from off-shore locations on AM and SW and later, from numerous major cities, on FM.

      It's too bad that audiences for any potential new pirates are largely diminished thanks to the internet and streaming sources for what radio once provided.

  2. Radio Caronline is still on 648 KHz. You can listen to it via web-SDR here in europe. Nice little gadget John. If seen a similair gadget at my brother in law, however forgot the brand name of it. I doubt it is hand made although the video is well made and lets you believe it is. 73, Bas