Sunday, December 24, 2017

uBITX progress

With the granddaughters here a few days for Christmas, I sat through Nanny McPhee last night (and actually enjoyed it) - but then it was time to get my daily radio fix. Rather than getting on the air I warmed up the soldering iron and wired up the harnesses to their corresponding connectors.

This is really all there is to "building" the uBITX and I was going to wait until my housing arrived but the thought of putting this new radio on the air over-powered that idea and I decided to make what progress I could, while I could. The rest will wait till after Christmas.

The harness wires are at their full length for now - I'll trim them once I install the uBITX
permanently into a case.

About the case - I ordered this one from a Chinese eBay vendor and like the look of it. It's properly sized for the uBITX and reminds me of Heath with its color scheme.

Now to get the shacked cleaned up and ventilated of solder smoke before Emma Thompson comes over and reads me the riot act. Have a good holiday everyone, however you celebrate it.


  1. Merry Christmas John! I'm behind on my BitX 40 assembly. Hopefully I'll get it on the air this week.




    1. Thanks Tim and Merry Christmas to you as well!