Sunday, December 10, 2017

10-80 meter SSB/CW transceiver for $119 (trackable shipping via DHL included)!

This new transceiver - the uBITX - from Ashhar VU2ESE seems to offer a lot of radio for very little money and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

I would be highly skeptical of something like this being available at such a low price but Ashhar's reputation is such that those concerns are not an issue.

You might expect an all-band HF transceiver for only $119 to be a bare-bones radio but it offers quite a lot for that, or any, price (and the $119 includes shipping via DHL from India):

  • Sensitivity: a 0.2uv signal is clearly audible
  • Selectivity: 2.4 KHz,  low ripple SSB filter with 8 crystals
  • RIT (Receiver Incremental Tuning)
  • Continuous coverage from 500 KHz to 30 MHz
  • Sideband selection
  • Dentent-less encoder tuning. Tunes with larger step rates when tuned quickly
  • More than 10 watts up to 10 MHz; 7 watts up to 21 MHz; 2 watts on 28 MHz
  • CW transmit with the built-in keyer
  • Uses IRF510s x 2 as PA and 2N3904 x 4 drivers in push-pull mode for low distortion transmission
  • Dual VFOs
  • RIT
  • Manual override of LSB/USB selection
  • CW Keyer Speed and tone selection
Although the uBITX is considered a kit, it is only the boards and outboard connectors that need to be wired - all components that make up the radio are pre-installed.

Tune-up is a simple 3-step operation that requires nothing more than a multimeter and a reference frequency that can be generated by your main station transceiver.

For the price, this kit would seem to make for an ideal introduction to the hobby for a young person with an interest in electronics. If, after building the kit, their interest wanes, you still have a fully functional HF rig with not a lot of money invested. In fact, the price is low enough to offer as part of a ham radio class that culminates not only in a ham ticket but the transceiver to go with it.

A uBITX is on its way to me and of course I'll post details of the build, tune-up, photos and usage of this radio soon after it arrives.



  1. Thanks. I'll be following your build.

  2. And I just sold my TS-2000 because the filters died and was wondering how I would get my next HF rig. Might have to do some Ubering to pay for it!

  3. Who will be the first to work DXCC with one of these. It *will* happen...!

  4. Este QRP tem Fonia ou é só CW ?


  5. Does this kit have a phone?
    Or just CW?
    John PU2OLT

    1. ssb or cw. Can handle digital modes as well...