Thursday, November 9, 2017

2018: ARRL's 'International Grid Chase'

UPDATE: After being intially excluded, the new 630- and 2200-meter bands have now been formally added to the list of bands that are available for use in this event.


Don't sell that KX2 (or the new antenna analyzer) just yet!

Hoping to "build on the success of the highly successful 2016 National Parks on the Air" event the ARRL has announced the International Grid Chase for 2018.

It appears that contacts will be valid on all bands (except 60m) and modes. Collection of grid squares during a QSO or contact are not necessary as long as participants are LoTW users. Their grid squares will be logged and credit given as part of the upload process.

The full dope is here.

As I recall, the NPOTA event started off with a whimper but gradually gained much momentum over the course of the year.

I applaud the ARRL for coming up with this idea as it provides the opportunity to operate portable mobile, RV portable, etc, activating "rare" grids in areas with sparse ham populations.

Now, in which grid square is Bouvet...

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  1. Actually, John ...... NPOTA started off with a bang from the get-go with many, many activations on January 1st, and the days that followed. It was hardly a whimper. The NPOTA Facebook page contributed to that success, and (IMHO) was a key factory to the camaraderie and sense fof fellowship that the program seemed to generate. While I hope this new program will generate as much excitement and activity; I still hold firmly to the belief that NPOTA will go down as one of the highest points of ARRL history, and it will be a hard press to match its success. de W2LJ