Thursday, October 5, 2017

WSPRing to myself on 630 meters

My new dummy load arrived yesterday allowing me to finally test the 80-to-630 meter transverter I built a few weeks ago. I had tested it briefly with a small under-rated load but lacked the ability to do so for a 2-minute WSPR transmission.

With the Ultimate 3S outputting 200 milliwatts on a frequency of 3675.7 kHz, the transverter mixed it with 3.2 MHz and provided a 15 watt output (17 watts DC in) on the 475.7 kHz frequency.

Operation was stable and I was my own first contact on this band, decoding the transmissions on my Flex. BTW, that's an efficiency of 88% and note that 15-watts output was produced with a miniscule input.

And now to send a QSL to myself...

I'm making progress on the 300 watt amplifier and will test it soon.


  1. Nice work John. You are certainly blazing the trail on 630 meters. I've been reading your posts with great interest and have been sorely tempted to jump in but I've got enough going on with those "useless" short wave frequencies 200 Meters and Down so it will likely be awhile before I join in the fun with the really long waves.

    Be sure to include an SASE! : )



    1. Hi Tim,

      I've got a lot of learning to do and am thankful for the real trailblazers on this band who have websites and who welcome email correspondence. The hang-up is going to be the antenna, now being postponed two weeks.

      Yep, given my reputation for QSLing I'd better include an sase if I want any hope of getting a return card from that lid...