Friday, May 12, 2017

Unboxing video: Elad FDM-DUO

I received my FDM-DUO late yesterday and operated it in stand-alone (w/o computer) mode last night. This morning I loaded the SW-2 software and experimented with different settings (of which there are many).

As some readers know, I sold my Elecraft KX2 to finance this rig. It has elements of the KX2 and also shares some characteristics of my Big Rig, the Flex 6300. But although it is a hybrid of sorts, mostly it is unique, and, in some ways, a one of a kind transceiver.

I'll have limited time to play with this radio over the two weeks but will offer my impressions, for whatever they're worth, in early June when the dust settles from work and travel.

For now, that latest of genres that are all the rage - an [reverb on] UNBOXING VIDEO [reverb off]:


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