Monday, April 10, 2017

Wizkers for the KX2 - don't waste your money

I've had Wizkers on my Samsung Tab 2 for quite a while now and was waiting for a few bugs to be cleared up before trying it. The online Wizkers forum recently indicated that a bug had been fixed regarding the freq display of the animated KX2 in the Wizkers app.

Configuration is as close to automatic as you can get and involved nothing more than attaching my KX2 to the tablet using an OTG adapter and the cable that ships with the KX2. Open the app, select "KX2" and the default values. "OTG" showed up in the 'Connect via' field.

Once I did that, I could see some of the KX2's values...but only some of them.

Selecting the band via the app worked. I could also change filter bandwidths, AF level and other parameters on the KX2 and see those changes reflected on the Wizkers display. The reverse worked as will - I could control the KX2 by manipulating the app.

I called CQ on 14.060 and got an answer from KA9DCU (who was QRP with an LNR LD-11). During the QSO, I could see the dynamic graph of my power out. Cool.

But what I wanted to see was the changing temperature on the "PA Temp" graph but it read zero the entire time, not even registering the ambient temp. Same for the supply voltage graph - zero. And the biggie, the freq display on the app - it reads all 8's, all the time.

Despite my efforts I honestly can't find a use for this app. It seems to serve no real purpose other than generating a bit of income from gullible buyers like me.


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