Monday, March 6, 2017

Plans for QRP to the Field 2017

Yours truly during QRPTTF 2004
It's been a long time since I participated in a QRPTTF. In the old days, I packed a 20m DSW, a Norcal 40A and maybe my old Oak Hills OHR-20 for backup. Adding batteries, an antenna, hardware to hold it aloft, a key, headphones and paper log all made for quite a non-portable kit.

Thanks to the KX2 and lessons learned during NPOTA, a lighter and more efficient excursion is now possible. And best of all, no 2-band or CW limitation. From the desktop my KX2 has been giving me the evil eye lately as she sits unused since NPOTA ended and un-adventured since my TAT ride ended.

QRPTTF seems like just the ticket to combine radio, the outdoors and motorcycling and I'm looking into suitable areas that provide the 4th element - a river - the theme of this year's QRPTTF. The Trinity and San Jacinto are close; the Frio and the Llano are scenic.

Six weeks to decide - QRPTTF is 22 April, 8am to 6pm local time. The relevant website is here but, as has always been the case, it seems to work only about half the time. You'd think - well, nevermind.....

Any other Texas-area off-road motorcyclists/QRPers reading this? I'm open to a team effort.

Though no QRP is evident, the KX2 was along for this ride in Colorado a few months ago and suffered no ill effects:


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