Friday, March 31, 2017

New rig for 630-meter allocation

(1 April 2017) Far ahead of other ham gear manufacturers, Amertron saw the writing on the wall and has now released the VLF-630 for sale to US amateurs who want to hit the airwaves on the new 630-meter band.

At a press conference held at their headquarters in Bleaksville, Mississippi, Amertron spokesperson Eurasmus B. Large explained that innovation and being first at the gate with new technology were of paramount importance for any company's viability in such a competitive market.

Although details are still uncertain, the VLF-630 is believed to contain cutting edge technology for this new low-frequency band. Some specifications:

  • 102 watts out
  • Liquid sodium cooling "just like on them Ruskie nuke submarines"
  • Optional antenna tuner (shipped in crate - separate freight charges apply)
  • 100% duty cycle for digital modes and intentional QRM
  • Automatic "Æther enhancement" (shrouded in secrecy for the moment)
  • Not available in Alaska, the Azores, or Tom Green County, Texas
  • Patent not pending, copywrong protected

When asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer if we could soon expect to see a companion receiver for the VLF-630 transmitter, Mr. Large gently replied, "Well hell yeah, boy. We'll have that sumbitch on the market a'fore you can splain okra to a yankee. You're by-god right we will."

The ARRL has expressed great interest in obtaining a sample model of the VLF-630 for a in-depth product review.

No further details at this time.



  1. Was ready to order but checked the date: April 1, 2017

    1. I should put up a PayPal button... :-)

  2. Im guessing that as of April 2 2017 it will be out of production??

    1. Yes, just got word that their stock is rapidly being depleted.