Saturday, March 11, 2017

Audio QSLs?

Beginning a few years ago, several contesters - usually Big Gun multi stations - started making searchable audio files of their contacts available so that those they worked during the contest could hear how they sounded on the other end.

A few examples are here:
LN8W (Copied me on 10m CW)

When I first learned of this, my second thought was that it would be a cool feature to have during DXpeditions. It might increase the appreciation factor for those of us who don't hear the business side of a massive pile-up.

My first thought was "How do they make so many QSOs searchable?"

And now it looks like the appropriately named Rebel DX Group is going to implement just such a system soon. Here are comments from member Wayne N0UN:

"The Rebel DX Group's idea is that we're going to record our entire next DXpedition.  You'll get to hear what the Rebel Ops hear. The QRM, the conditions, who was trying to call over you, and hopefully your QSO.
Yep, we're gonna' peel off individual mp3 recordings of you working us, and we'll offer that digital mp3 on a downloadable file site.
 And here (I think) is the proposed site.

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