Monday, February 20, 2017

"Soda Pop" QRP transceiver kit from KD1JV

UPDATE: (14 March) Orders began being taken for the Soda Pop yesterday evening and all were sold out 12 hours later. No word yet on whether Steve will be offering a 2nd round of these kits at some point in the future. The price was $75/$90 US/DX.

A new and final manual was uploaded - the link to it is below.

My Soda Pop is on the way. Details here as I build it.


Never one to sit still, Steve Weber KD1JV is putting the finishing touches on an upcoming CW QRP kit, the Soda Pop - a play on words for the kit's intended audience of SOTA ops.

Like Steve's previous kits, the Soda Pop will feature surface mount components and will emphasize efficiency in both physical size and electrical consumption. Unlike his previous designs, this one will be a monobander with the builder determining the band.

A few particulars:

  • Built-in keyer will contain 2 memories - one for CQ and one for reply (for Sota exchanges)
  • The kit will consist of 2 boards - a display/PLL board and a RX/TX (main) board
  • Rotary tuning as opposed to up/down switches used in previous designs from Steve
  • 4-digit display
  • Filter parts included for 20/30/40 meters; can be built for 17/60/80m but builder must supply parts for filter
  • Three A123 batteries possibly mounted onboard
  • A case will not be included
  • Price: "Well under $100"

Steve recently released a new version of the assembly manual (pdf).

A couple photos of the prototype:



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