Sunday, December 4, 2016

Tenergy (non Elecraft-branded) battery for KX2

Tenergy "Propel" 11.1V, 2600 mAH Li-Ion
As some readers know, I've been using two no-name eBay batteries from China to power my KX2. These batteries are different from each other but are both rated at 2600 mAH, fit inside the KX2 and cost about $15 each. Both also include a protection circuit.

Elecraft's battery for the KX2 is made by Tenergy and costs $60. In addition, Elecraft strongly suggests that you use the $25 Elecraft charger to charge this battery.

For those who are wary of using an off-brand battery in their KX2, Tenergy's version is available with a significant cost savings over the Elecraft-branded battery from that manufacturer.

I've recently received mine, the 2600 mAH battery from Tenergy that seems identical to that offered by Elecraft. It costs $40 (three for the same price as two from Elecraft) and is being charged with the same charger I use for all my batteries, regardless of chemistry.

After several more charge/discharge cycles (to make it a fair comparison to the more oft-used eBay batteries) and using it for my next two NPOTA activations, I'll post the graphs from my WMR battery analyzer.

This will be a name brand vs. generic comparison.


  1. Nice information. I doubt Elecraft is using a custom battery from their vendor, other than perhaps package branding. Same goes for the charger.

    Saving $$ on these "accessories" can easily add up to 100's of bucks.

    I still am astounded at the price of their hand mics.

    1. Yep, Elecraft accessories generates a lot of income, I'm sure. Good products, but c'mon. I sold my K3 for precisely that reason after looking at what it would cost to configure it in the way I wanted. I used the proceeds to buy a Flex 6300 and couldn't be happier.

      I'm lovin' my KX2 though.