Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NPOTA PV04 activation

Using AC Log from N3FJP
An early and foggy one hour's drive this morning put me a few miles north of Romayor, TX in a different part of the Big Thicket National Preserve (PV04) than my other two activations of this park.

The Big Thicket is scattered over 9 separate and distinct sections in SE Texas and some of the unmapped primitive backroads have me planning on coming back on my motorcycle. As I was setting up the antenna, three feral hogs startled me and had me briefly wishing I'd brought my handgun. They ran away, but can be aggressive in larger numbers.

My reason for arriving so early was to see what the antenna was capable of on 40m when fully extended for that band. As before, no guys were required other than the straps holding the base section upright. With the mast at 32 feet and three 1/4-wave radials attached, the MFJ antenna analyzer showed resonance at 7500 kHz. The KX2's internal tuner took care of that and I was soon on 40m CW working the entire country from Washington state to New Hampshire and everywhere in between.

Unlike my activation two days ago, I used an internal battery pack to power the KX2. This is not Elecraft's battery but a Chinese pack of identical physical size that fits perfectly. After my 50th contact at 10 watts out, the voltage of the pack had decreased to the point that the KX2 auto-QRP'ed itself down to 5 watts. I changed to a fresh battery and noticed that the KX2 stayed at 5 watts until I manually increased it back to 10 watts.

Quite a number of stations called on 40m CW - thanks to those of you who spotted me. After a while I went to SSB and other bands. In all, 98 contacts were made in the 2-1/2 hours I was there, including many familiar calls. Thanks also to XE1H and CU3AA for adding a bit of DX to the log.
Mast fully extended for 40m operation. Very stable without additional guys.
Two of the three radials
Antonio XE1H called from Guadalajara on 20m SSB
Also nice to work Joao CU3AA in the Azores on 20m SSB

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