Friday, October 21, 2016

Video: Two merchant radio officers talk about their careers during WW2

If you've got 50 minutes to spare (and preferably a smart TV to stream to), you may be interested in the following documentary. The video is well put-together, professional in appearance, and quite watchable.

From the YouTube description:

"This video is an interview with two Merchant Marine Radio Officers, George H. Cave W4KDX, and Donald M. Berger W4CQC, who served during World War II. They discuss their enlistment in the Merchant Marine and some of their wartime experiences.

After the War, both worked in Coastal Radio Stations. Both volunteer on the SS American Victory (which is still a functioning Victory ship docked in Tampa, FL) operating the ships station KKUI and the Amateur Radio station W4AVM."

If it inspires you to break out an old bug to produce CW like these guys used to do it, the Bug Round-Up will provide you with some like-minded companionship on 19-20 November.



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