Friday, September 16, 2016

Elecraft repair service

As much as I hate to admit it, I recently had the occasion to experience Elecraft's repair service for the first time ever. My KX2 was returned to me in excellent working order about 3 weeks ago after I fubar'ed the DC power source(s) feeding my KX2.

As some readers are aware, I've been experimenting with solar power and, as a result, have additional wires carrying DC power here in the shack. While configuring the physical arrangement of battery, solar controller, DC back-up supply and DC distribution panel, I inadvertently applied solar panel voltage to my KX2.

That's 40 VDC.

It didn't go well...

I was unaware that anything was wrong until I tried to transmit - all other functions worked normally. But when I tried to call someone, no RF output was produced. After checking that I had the menu dialed in for 10 watts output I realized my error. I quickly disconnected the 40 volt input. After cursing myself, I attached 12 volts to the KX2, turned it on and attempted to transmit. No RF out - the damage had been done.

An email to Elecraft went out about an hour later and was answered soon thereafter with a shipping address. The rig went out the same day via UPS. I was told that I could expect it back in about three weeks.

About a week later, I received a phone call from Elecraft telling me that the rig was fixed, what parts had been replaced and that it was ready to ship. Three days later, I was back on the air. Elecraft's service is as good as their products and well-deserving of the reputation they've achieved. The pricing was fair and communications throughout the process was fantastic.

I have since labeled all of my DC input wires...


  1. Hello John, I think you're lucky it could be fixed. Overvoltage is a HAM radio operators nightmare. That why I always feed all of my station equipment through a over and undervoltage protector. 73, Bas

    1. Yes, I was worried that I might have destroyed it beyond repair. Surprisingly, all functions except Transmit continued to work normally so I had hope. Only two discrete components needed to be replaced.