Monday, May 23, 2016

A good day for NPOTA QSO's

Thanks to some fellow CW aficionados I was able to add 7 NPOTA contacts to my log in one day. All were worked on 20m CW during my local afternoon and all had a good number of callers after being spotted on the DX cluster.

I'm glad to see such activity in the middle of the afternoon - particularly on CW. I have a microphone on the way with my KX2 so I'll be able to make phone contacts in a few days and will chase NPOTA ops on that mode as well.

Thanks to these stations for the new Parks:

  • WD8RIF - HP11 - Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
  • WD8RIF - TR04 - North Country National Scenic Trail
  • WD8RIF - MN18 - Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument
  • N0KV/m - NP57 - Yellowstone National Park
  • WA7LNW - NP45 - Petrified Forest National Park
  • WD8RIF - HP15 - Hopewell Culture National Historical Park
  • KA6U - NP07 - Bryce Canyon National Park

Thanks especially to Eric WD8RIF who provided so many, so easily. Eric is activating these NPOTAs with blogger Thomas K4SWL as they travel back to their homes from Dayton. Hopefully a write-up from them will describe the the equipment. Signals were quite strong from each of the parks.

I'd also like to know how they approach Park Service officials with their requests to set up a ham station. Have the officials heard of the radio aspect of the Park Service's anniversary? Are they hesitant, welcoming, indifferent? Any info along those lines that might help those of us planning a similar activation would be appreciated.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog! I hope to catch you while you're on your ride! As for the guys operating above, they might be doing the same thing I've done for my activation's (I've been writing about them on my own blog at - if the park is big enough, I just go and do it, but if it's a small park where I would stick out like a sore thumb, I send an e-mail with some wording that I cut pasted from the NPOTA info provided by the ARRL. If you hear how they've been working it be sure to share - I've bookmarked your blog as one to follow myself!

    1. Thanks for the comment Vance. That's exactly what I'll do - take the official description from the ARRL and let it do my talking for me.

      I've only activated one park so far (and am going to the same park again this Sunday) and didn't even see any officials - or anyone else at all the whole time I was there.

  2. Great post, John! I'm glad you were able to work Eric (WD8RIF) multiple times. He passed on your message while we were at Hopewell, by the way!

    I'm activating PK01 today at 1430 UTC if all goes well. Will be SSB/QRP and calling on 7286 and 14286. It'll actually be my fist solo activation.

    FYI: I made a blog post about our Ohio-centric activations this past week:

    I certainly caught the NPOTA bug! Sadly, I'm about to spend nearly two months in Canada. My NC NPOTA activations will have to wait until I get back.


  3. Sounds good, Thomas - I'll listen for you this morning and I hope to be able to return the favor soon. I'll be operating from PV04 this Sunday, phone and CW.