Monday, April 18, 2016

QRP: An amazing balloon trek!

Even the non-hams I've shown this to shake their heads in disbelief - two mylar party-type balloons have flown from Toronto to Kazakhstan! This is the 9th in a series of balloons launched by Dave VE3KCL.

They are carrying one of G0UPL's QRP Labs Si5351A Synthesisers and firmware (used in his Ultimate 3 transmitters) on an Arduino Nano board.
GPS and other telemetry are being stransmitted on the 30m band via WSPR, JT9 and CW. Launched on 10 April, the balloons (tied together) headed east from Toronto and circumnavigated Greenland before crossing Europe and the Middle East. They are now moving north into Central Asia.

So far (18 April - 1800Z) they have traversed 18,000mi/30,000km!

Latest info on the balloon's position can be found here.

Electronic payload


One of 2 mylar "party store" balloons



  1. Incredible John, I found out about this balloon on a Dutch forum. Just too late to spot it on 30m. Curious if it will fly around the world. 73, Bas

  2. It's done better than my station - I have not been able to contact the DXpedition in Iran...